Processing Solutions

Joule engineers, designs, fabricates and optimizes facilities and process equipment ranging from amine plants and stabilizer systems to cryogenic plants and NGL fractionation.

See The Bigger Picture

We factor in your commercial, engineering and operational needs to find the best possible service or equipment for your facility. In addition, our process engineers know how to optimize and maintain value, providing a holistic approach to facility and equipment design services.

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Tap Into A Broader Context

Working in a culture that values innovation and responsiveness, our team of experienced problem-solvers leverages process engineering, technical services and economics to deliver processing equipment that optimizes facility performance and maximizes asset value.

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Turning Problems Into Possibilities

We look beyond equipment specifications to understand your overall facility needs and objectives in order to engineer a solution that not only hits recovery targets but maximizes energy efficiency and streamlines ongoing maintenance.

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More perspective

By building a diverse team of engineering, business and equipment experts with proven engineering services capabilities and global experience, we bring more perspective to every project. This means delivering total project lifecycle support that includes project development, engineering, design, fabrication, start-up, O&M and ongoing process optimization for your facility.

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Greater potential

We offer pre-designed solutions to meet quick delivery or custom designs to meet specific operational ranges, recoveries and commitments.

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