Facility Engineering

Exceptional engineering leads to exceptional results. At Joule Processing, we demand first-class talent, effort, thinking and results from our engineering team; and they deliver to help operators make the most of every opportunity worldwide. By pairing creative problem solving with a solid foundation of real-world field experience and insight, our clients get powerful, practical solutions that deliver more potential.

True Process Engineering

Equipment engineering can add a lot of value, and certainly has its place. But for better overall results, operators need an engineering partner that also has the advanced process engineering skills to master even the most complex systems or objectives. And these skills are paired with commercial and strategic insights to help not only ensure a strong concept and execution, but also strong returns.

Comprehensive Services

Joule provides dozens of specialized engineering services across all project delivery phases ranging from initial facility concept to change management, expansions for niche operational support. Our team brings more possibility with a variety of engineering and design services including:

  • Conceptual, FEED, Preliminary and Detailed Designs
  • Advanced Process Design, Analysis and Modelling
  • Financial and Economic Assessment
  • Mechanical, Structural and Civil Engineering and Design
  • Comprehensive Design Reviews and Feasibility Studies
  • Specialized Treatment Studies
  • Materials Engineering
  • Instrumentation and Electrical
  • Controls and Automation System Packages
  • Facility Optimization and Troubleshooting
  • Startup and Commissioning Support
  • Change Management Initiatives
  • Balance of Plant (BoP) Systems

Innovative, Intelligent Design

Joule performs 2D and 3D design services that include a range of basic, detailed, integrated and advanced design support. Our team pushes what's possible, striving to not only find innovative solutions, but also striving to redefine industry best practices. And we're renowned for designing facilities that deliver maximum throughput with improved energy efficiency.

Strong Project Management

Joule's engineering services also come with high-performance project management and procurement support. This ranges from basic project management that takes the stress and risk out of your investment to specialized procurement, balance of plant projects, crew training or support, custom data and documentation or other project-specific management services.