NGL Treating
for Methanol Removal

Methanol is commonly injected into hydrocarbon fluids to inhibit hydrate formation at several injection points before it reaches a natural gas processing facility. But that methanol has to be removed from the NGL product in order to meet product specifications. Joule engineers and manufactures equipment for removing bulk methanol from NGL in order to meet an increasing pipeline Y-Grade specific for methanol.

Our Methanol
Removal Process

Includes Three
Primary Systems

NGL Cooling and Water Wash System

Using a combination of cooling and water wash, this system eliminates methanol contamination from the NGL stream.

  • Meets Y-Grade specs of methanol concentration < 200 ppm
  • Meets Y-Grade specs of no free water at 34°F

Methanol Recovery and
Purification System

This system produces a saleable purified methanol stream that can be reused for hydrate prevention in gathering fields or cryogenic facilities.

Water Recycle System

This system produces minimal waste water as most water is purified and recycled in process. And as with all Joule equipment, the system has a modular design for simple transport and installation.